{Inside The Machine}

 This is other segment of my blog called "Inside the Machine" I going to post inspirational images that I find on web , I dont own most of the photos I post but I do resize them and change them a lilttle , hope you like them , today the theme of inside the machine is : CLASSY !


{Chain the Prints}

Caroline Tretine
Prints + Chains = love it!



{By my phone : Mobile uploads}

Mobile Uploads 

 [Peach Nails from a Magazine]
 [Animal print balls home decor]
 [Chanel Book]
 [Pig and Zebra Erasers]
 [ Me in a Photoshoot]
 [Times square - NYC]
 [Matthew Williamson Box from Gossip Girl episode]
[Thousands of Turkish Bracelets]

Hi guys ! this is a new , easy and relax kind of post I'll write the blog, called ¨by my phone¨, as its name says are inspiring upload photos taken from my phone to my blog, just trendy things that I see every day! , have a lovely weekend! 

(All pictures taken by me with my phone)


{And his name is silver...}

Some pictures with the lovely silver in it !

[Photos via Weheartit and Bloglovin]



TREND : [Oh Land]

Nanna Øland AKA Oh Land ! definitely one of my favorite singers right now ! so fashionable and gorgeous ! love her style and her music sound! thumbs up for her!

[Photos via Oh Land Music and Weheartit] 


Smokey Peach

Viktor Mag Cover 
Coco Rocha 
Smokey eyes & lovely Peach lips 

[Photos via Viktor Mag and Weheartit]


{Trend Crush} : Varsity

I just love this Varisty jacket ! is so sporty , casual and also kind of elegant it goes great with everything.

Polyvore set <3

Varsity crush

€31 - welikefashion.com

$695 - rag-bone.com

£365 - brownsfashion.com

$25 - tillys.com

$2,350 - amrag.com

$560 - net-a-porter.com

£217 - kabiri.co.uk




{Random Items : COLORS}

Some random items that involves nice colors ! [ You know I'm in love with minimal and gold but I think that Bright colors give live to the Life !! ;) ]

[Porcelain Carnival Masks from my living room]

 [Betsey Johnson shoe Box]

 [Floral Print Scarf]

[Gold and turquoise Forever21 earrings]

[ and of course the basic black heels & Zebra print carpet ]

{All Photos by me}


Sunny Sunday with Sunnies

Lovely Round Sunglasses 

Today was a sunny sunday ! I decided to wear a very casual style today and taking some cute pictures! I love my round sunnies , actually I love all kind of sunglasses , I think is a great accesory !
I'm reading a Fashion book and it has a really interesting quote ( I'm a Quote Lover) that says : STYLE DOESN'T HAVE A PRICE TAG ... well I think everybody knows that! and if you don't , I have to say that It doesn't matter if you are wearing a $50 outfit or a $500 outfit , if you have style ...that's what it counts PERIOD! , so don't waste your time giving the aparience that you have a very expensive outfit ! that's not the idea of having a great taste for style and fashion , and don't misunderstand me, I'm not against of expensive high couture clothes and accessories , because I do respect the materials,fabrics , design and time that great characters of fashion have put into them, is just that the price isn't everything!! ; the truth is I have found many items  in less  of $10, I think that's a very good skill of a stylist! just saying haha . 
As some people know I'm also want to be a fashion designer and  I have designed many items that don't  go beyond $50!!! ... so...thumbs up for that quote: Style doesn't have a price tag !

PS: How's the weather in your city ?
         PS2: I took my photos with my phone haha

{All pictures taken by me , and List from Fashiolista}
[ Michael Kors Round Sunnies & Forever21 Shirt ]
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